• Strategic Numbers: Discussing the Value of Design with Sara Beckman of Haas School of Business, UC B

    I recently had the pleasure of chatting via email with Sara Beckman, a member of the faculty at the Haas School of Business. Sara will be speaking on Communicating the Value of Design at our upcoming MX 2009 conference.

    Embracing your inner “quant” changes the game for many design leaders. How do you move from the often subjective language of design to speaking a new dialect of business impact measured in numbers? In this conversation, Sara talks about approaches to assessing overall value, how having empirical data can unlock key strategic conversations, and tips for focusing efforts on the measurements that matter most.

    You can read the full essay here.

    But the essay is just one step in this very important conversation…hear more from Sara and other design leaders (and hobnob with the folks at the vanguard of leading experiences) at MX 2009 in San Francisco, March 1-3.

    Register for MX 2009 here and use the code BLOG for 10% off.

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