• cupcakes: the secret to product planning

    The cake model of product strategy is actually two different models for how to evolve and improve the scope of a product over time. I’ve found it’s a very helpful tool for helping teams think through what’s going to be a successful customer experience in the short term and the long term.

    Model #1: Dry Cake

    The first model shows the “dry cake” approach that many organizations plan out new products and experiences. They start with cake, then maybe add some filling, and then plan to add the icing as the final step. It makes sense from an operational perspective. But there are problems with this model from both the customer’s viewpoint and from a competitive perspective. Cake with no filling or icing isn’t that appealing. Plus, anyone can make just cake.

    Model #2: Cupcake!

    A better model for planning new experiences is the cupcake model. Start with something small, but very desirable. Move on to additional releases that also balance the expected (cake) with enough filling and icing to create a great experience that sets you apart.

    More thinking like this?

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    There are 6 thoughts on this idea

    1. Kate Rutter

      I’ve used this and it’s a great way to communicate a phased approach in a way that is yummy at every stage.

      Clearly, the cake is a lie.

    2. Faraz

      The article is written in a very interesting manner to communicate well with the readers.Cup cake is used so cleverly to describe this point.

    3. Cassie

      What program was used to make this? I love how this was set up

    4. Brandon Schauer

      I used Apple’s Keynote application, exported an autoplaying slideshow as a movie, then used iMovie to integrate sound with the video. It’s my low-budget way of cutting corners to create video.

    5. Заработок в интернете

      In my opinion, the Dry Cake model describes the worst side of our society – a “I get money and don’t care of what I do to people and what they get” thinking.

      I’m against it.

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