• Desk Drawer Chronicles

    Who are the people inside Adaptive Path? Starting this month, we will give you an opportunity to get to know our staff by taking a peek at what’s in their toolkit and where they draw their inspiration. This month, we explore what makes Adaptive Path’s Visual Design Lead tick. Amber Reed shares with us the objects that fuel her design process.

    My tricks for staying creatively inspired:

    1. When I’m out of ideas or feel like I’ve been pushing the same elements around the page all day, getting away gives me a fresh perspective and helps me focus on what’s really important.


    2. Capturing colors, textures and moments I don’t want to forget ensures I’m never starting from scratch.


    3. Fuel and a good excuse for a break.


    4. I need to pick things up and move them around to figure out what’s going to work. If I find a palette that works off screen, I can usually make it work on screen.


    5. I start projects by gathering scrap to create mood boards or inspiration walls. I gather imagery from anywhere and everywhere I can think of that resonates with the goals of the project, convey feelings I want to create, or demonstrates solutions to similar problems.


    6. Keeping things analog allows me to work fast and not get bogged down in the details. I like to cut up sketches and piece together the parts that are working.


    7. With a sharpie it’s hard to be tentative—I have to get to the point quickly and commit.


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