• peterme and “The Don” Norman in Conversation

    We’ve just posted an hour-long conversation I had with Don Norman [MP3]. This is a prelude to the conversation we’ll be having on stage at UX Week 2008.

    I really enjoyed this chat. If we did The Believer-style keywords for it, they would read:

    adaptive cruise control, ubiquitous computing, human plus machine, “user experience,” “affordances,” asking the right questions, coupling design with operations, busting down silos, TiVo has never made any money, Palm, many reasons for the Newton’s failure, boss as an absolute dictator, Henry Dreyfuss and John Deere, design evolving from craft to profession, systems thinking, “T-shaped people,” observing the world, water bottle caps.

    Sound interesting? Take a listen!

    And, if you register for UX Week 2008 by December 31st, the price is only $1,695 (compared to the $2,495 full price). And use the promotional code BLOG for an additional 10% off!

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    1. BetterRetail

      That was one super awesome interview.

    2. mp3

      Nice .!

    3. uxzentrisch

      Donald Norman definiert User Experience…

      Was ist eigentlich User Experience? – Eine Frage, die immer noch und auch immer wieder gerne in der UX-Community diskutiert wird. Eine einfache Antwort gibt es nicht; erst Recht nicht, da der Begriff in den letzten Jahren stark an Popularität un…

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