• UX Week 2008 – Microsoft Surface just added to the program


    So, when I said that UX Week 2008 programming was complete, that wasn’t wholly accurate. We’ve just added a presentation on large-scale multitouch device Microsoft Surface. Titled “The Challenge of Emotional Innovation,” the talk will address the evolution of the gestural and affordance-based design of Surface, and the research that supports and refines it.

    Also, we’ll have a Surface table on site for people to use and explore. We believe that such large-scale multitouch interfaces are going to become more prevalent, and it’s important for all UX practitioners to think about what it means to design for them.

    And yes, Surface is also known as big-ass table. The folks who made that parody, Sarcastic Gamer, visited Surface earlier this year, and had some interesting things to say about it.

    Read all about UX Week here.

    There are 2 thoughts on this idea

    1. Egypt Web Design

      I really like Microsoft surface the idea it self is amazing but there something important Microsoft didn’t consider it is that the table is not customizable means it’s only coffee table there will not be bigger size than what Microsoft will do!, another thing is that you will have to buy the surface then hire a developer to make whatever you want and that could cost more than the price of the table! last thing is that there is no talk about spare parts or anyway of maintenance yet!

    2. stok

      good idea, it looks nice

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