• Week 487

    There’s a habit among some design firms to publish Week Notes, a diary of what’s going on around their offices. Here’s our first attempt, over nine years in. It won’t be exhaustive — there’s too much going on to provide complete detail.

    The week started on Sunday with the first day of our UX Intensive San Francisco workshop. A good crowd showed up — we’d sold out of our original room, and had to be bumped up to a larger space. The event ended on Wednesday, leaving us looking forward to UX Week in August, and UX Intensive Toronto in October.

    Last weekend, Kate spoke at the American Diabetes Association conference in Orlando, sharing our work from the Charmr project. It’s always a thrill to present experience design to professionals who aren’t really familiar with it. Evangelism, one industry at a time!

    (In my first publishing of this, I totally spaced on the fact that we had Jesse, Laura, Dan, Kwame, and Tamara at the Forrester Customer Experience conference at the beginning of the last week. Our booth was a great hit, providing a calm oasis in a buzz of aggressive networking.)

    In the offices, Monday saw the onset of an on-site concept development workshop for our music industry project. One of those things where everyone has to draw, many people aren’t comfortable doing so, but great stuff comes out anyway.

    Wyatt and Jamin returned from their trip to New York City and Columbus, Ohio, where they conducted in-home interviews with people about their consumption of media. Of particular interest was the household with 7 TVs and 4 DVRs.

    Tuesday evening we hosted an Edge Party, a celebration of John Hagel and John Seely Brown’s new book, The Power of Pull. We have quite a few Hagel-ians at Adaptive Path, so it was an honor to have him in our space.

    Our super-secret iPhone app project nears completion. This has been intense — the team has pretty much holed themselves in a single room for the last 4 weeks, cranking out a pixel-perfect design for a surprisingly robust app for a major retailer.

    And we’ve wound down our 6-month engagement with Zappos. Andrew has been a mighty project lead in what has been an atypical arrangement for us — instead of a discrete project, we pretty much embedded ourselves with their UX and web dev teams, and contributed our experience and guidance to their efforts to improve the Zappos.com experience. This has allowed us not only to work on site strategy and design, but also to help Zappos figure out optimal organizational processes. It’s gratifying to have an opportunity to make such an essential impact, and we look forward to taking this relationship further.

    And, we continue to engage with potential new consulting clients. We seem to be hitting those summer lulls, where vacations and holidays slow the process, but we’re quite excited about some forthcoming opportunities. In discussion are a couple of iPad apps (one for aerospace, one for travel), a personal financial management application (lots of pretty charts and graphs!), a follow-on project in the diabetes management space, and a research and design effort for a, well, I think I can say “an audio device.”

    One the personnel front, Jamieson and Ljuba began this week in San Francisco, and we’re preparing for the arrival of new team members in Austin and Amsterdam (more on that once they’ve started with us!).

    Oh, and our Austin office has all but finalized its lease on a new space (movin’ on up!), and in San Francisco, we’re continuing to look for our next digs. We saw an absolutely gorgeous space yesterday that we absolutely will not tell you about, as we absolutely do not want anyone else to horn in on it.

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