Brandon Schauer

Brandon Schauer

Brandon's passion for understanding the needs of customers has taken him everywhere from homes of cancer patients to the tunnels beneath Disney World. He believes creating the future from the perspective of the experience creates the best outcomes for the business and the people it serves.

His insight into customer behaviors—plus a solid grounding in business analysis and a mastery of design methods—allows Brandon to help organizations define and design more meaningful experiences for their customers.

Brandon has over a decade of experience developing new experiences for products and services across the digital and real-world touchpoints. He’s keynoted, presented, and conducted workshops at such conferences at MX: Managing Experiences, the Service Design Network Conference, User Interface 16, and UXWeek.

Brandon co-authored Subject to Change: Creating Great Products and Services for an Uncertain World and was named one of Business Week’s “Twenty-One People Who Will Change Business”.

He also has a love of Excel that is unnatural for a designer.